Good budo spirit and kime in our Dojo


Soon this year is over and it has been a really good year in our club. Our dojo is almost finished and training is going really well for everybody. Congratulations to all that passed their new grades in all our groups the last weeks. Well done and keep on the good work with your karate practise. 

Karate training never ends! When you reach one goal, next goal is there waiting for you. It is a circle and an ongoing process to learn. There is always something more to focus on, something new to learn and achieve.

Next year there will be a challenge for you: 100 hrs of Karate during 2019. More info in the dojo about that. This years list of Top-10 training result: Helena  Nr 1, Alex Nr 2 and Markus Nr 3. Good work to you! The list of all 10 is published in the Dojo. Well done all of our members because we have had a good antendence on most of our training session during the year. Hold on to that. The more experience you get from training, the more deeper knowlegde about Karate you will get.

 Next year we will also have some theory sessions, but first after all newbeginners classes! January is already booked up with different activities. Please try to support the club by participating on these occassions.

See you in the Dojo soon again!
//Oss! Mona