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Reunion 2023


Saturday 30 September we had a Reunion Training with previous members in the club. It was a good training session and good spirit, even if it was years ago some of them trained last time. We will continue with this reunion training for previous members next year as well.

Traditional autumn karate seminar with sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic in Växjö for the 28th time. This time we also have guests from other clubs from Sweden, Finland and Serbia. Good training with focus on basics. On Saturday afternoon we also had a theory session (about Karate History) with fika. Oss! Mona

Lot of good kime and spirit in the dojo on tonights pre-seminar training session. We are ready for the weekend course with sensei Vebo! Oss! Mona

Our international karate seminar with sensei Velibor is getting closer! In the week some guests from other countries will come as well and some of them also in our dojo training on Thursday. More information here!

Our tradition with Summer BOOT CAMP continued this year as well. For five days it was a lot of basic training but there were also one theory session and one session with japanese self-massage (Do in) as well after training sessions in the evening. Focus was on stances and breathing, basic techniques with arms and legs and it was participants...

15-17 July it was Karate seminar with sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic in Scotland. It was the first seminar sensei Vebo had in Scotland (but not the last). Good training, good company and lot of things to visit as well. //Oss! Mona

Another busy week in the dojo with gradings. This week it was the adults grading from Open Class, Basic Karate and Focus groups. Well done to all of you and keep on the good work. Together we all improve in our Karate!