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Welcome to come and try karate for free for two sessions in every group at fixed dates. Please respect the dates (and also age limits we have).
This is how it works:
1. Which Group are you going too train in? Check dates and timetable so you will come to the right training session.
2. You apply...

Welcome back


Happy New Year!
Welcome back to a new year in our Dojo! January is a busy month in our club. Here is some information.

Soon this year is over and it has been a really good year in our club. Our dojo is almost finished and training is going really well for everybody. Congratulations to all that passed their new grades in all our groups the last weeks. Well done and keep on the good work with your karate practise.

Time flies!


Times go really quick and it is already December and some of our groups in the club are going to have closing dates. See on Calendar for dates and times.

This weekend 16 members from our dojo participated in CPR (Hjärt- och lungräddning). We had three intensive hours in the dojo and learned a lot. It is important that many of us know these things if something happens during training. Next year we need to renew it. Thanks to Henrik from Sjukvårdsbolaget (Swedish Resuscitation Council) for this...

Time flies! Calendar is updated with dates for newbeginners classes in January. There are also other dates for different training and Family training. Already I get mail with questions about newbeginners start.

Saturday, yesterday, we had a one day seminar in the Dojo. 18 karatekas trained for 3 hours. Spirit and kime was high and everybody did a great work. Focus this time was on group working (two opponents), bunkai and kick-training. After training everybody was happy and tired. Well done everybody and keep on the good work and spirit! //Oss! Mona...

Last week we had Karate Youth Camp and karatekas from Oskarshamn Seishin Karate Klubb came as well. We had a good time in the dojo Saturday morning with lots of energy and good kime. In January we will have next Karate Youth Camp and then it will be in Oskarshamn.

Nu drar terminen igång igen med start på tisdag 14/8 med gruppträningarna. Nya medlemmar hälsas välkomna till våra prova-på-pass som erbjuds de kommande veckorna. Se under Grupper och Nybörjare för mer information. Även Kalender är bra att kolla av emellanåt. Välkomna till dojon höstterminen 2018.
Now the training starts again on August 14th...