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Senaste nytt

Today we had the last training of this decade! Tomorrow is a new chapter in our life as well as for our karate training. We started Christmas Eve with a morning session and end the year with a training session at lunch time today. Karate is never ending, just another new begins all the time. Thanks to everybody that have...

New sponsors!


New sponsors! Thanks for supporting our club and helping us with donations, knowledge or time! Everything counts to make our club better. //Oss! Mona

Last week we had some gradings in the club. It was juniors and seniors grading and also end of term for our new group with sensei Mike and Alex: Karate Junior group.

I remember the day we got the sad news about sensei Taiji Kase had passed away. It was on a club training and we all got very quiet at that moment. On our calendar there was a Karate seminar the following weekend and we discussed about what to do. We decided to continue as planned. We created a corner in...

Last Sunday we had a Parents Day in the Dojo. All parents participated with their children during their Karate lesson. Tiny Tigers and Karate Kids parents did a great session and we had a lot of fun! Well done everybody! //Mona

On Sunday 29th September sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic promoted us for new DAN-grades on our karate seminars last day. Sensei Mike was promoted for YONDAN (4th DAN) and me for GODAN (5th DAN). We were not prepared it was going to happen, we just knew it would be happen in the future some time, and we were sursprised and happy at...

Höstterminens starter i våra grupper har gått riktigt bra. Efter två söndagar var det fullt i båda våra barngrupper Tiny Tigers och Karate Kids. Nästa tillfälle att komma med är i januari då vi tar in nya medlemmar igen.