Great weekend with sensei Velibor!


February 28 - March 1 we had a karate seminar with sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic. He has been here in our dojo every Spring since 2007 and after 2010 twice a year with a seminar in September!

Training was splendid as usual and we also got some guests from other clubs, both from other countries as well as Swedish clubs and had good training together. We learned a lot of new things and also got ideas how to improve our karate to become an even better karateka. Sensei Vebo was very pleased with the weekend and what you all did and is looking forward to see you all in September again.

Some of the younger members from Karate Kids did participate on this seminar as well. Next time we hope more from Karate Kids will come!

Next seminar with sensei will be in the end of September so book the weekend and be a part of this! You will not regret it!

Stay strong and train hard! See you in the dojo! Oss! Mona