Welcome back


Happy New Year!
Welcome back to a new year in our Dojo! January is a busy month in our club. Here is some information.

Group training starts again January 15th. Everybody stays in the same group this Spring.
This week we have training together, a good opportunity to train with members from both groups and learn to know new friends. Karate Kids and Tiny Tigers start on Sunday 20th and we hope all of them bring friends with them.
There are lot of things happening in our club in January. Please go in to Calendar for information and details for day by day.

Hopefully you all can support and help our club become bigger and better. We continue the good work and the fantastic good spirit we have amongst us and spread it to more people. Karate is not only training, as you already know. It is more in many ways but it is together we create this in different ways and improve our own karate. We are training together and learning from each other, every session, every time we meet.

In beginning of February there are two important meetings on February 2nd: the annual meeting at 12:30 and after that members meeting.  It is also important to support this two meetings since it concern the club and all you members. More information in the dojo.

February 9th 1929 sensei Taiji Kase was born. He would be 90 this year and in November it is 15 years ago he past away. We will organize a Memorial Training with theory lesson that day. More information will come. I hope all members can support and participate this day.

Hope to see you in the dojo soon!