Grading time in the club


Last week we had some gradings in the club. It was juniors and seniors grading and also end of term for our new group with sensei Mike and Alex: Karate Junior group.

Everybody really did their best and passed the new grades! Well done all of you! Keep on the hard work, stay strong and continue training - that´s my advice to improve your karate and with an open mind to learn new things everybody can reach another level!

A new grade means also a new responsibility for new knowledge and new things to learn as well. It is a long way but it is what happens during the training on this DO that makes karate so fantastic and interesting. You always learn something new and when you think you know it - the next challenge comes. That is what makes karate training so special and we all improve and learn together, no matter who we are.

See you soon in the dojo again!

/Oss! Mona