Time flies!


Times go really quick and it is already December and some of our  groups in the club are going to have closing dates. See on Calendar for dates and times.

The sponsor sign in the dojo is updated with our latest sponsors: Technology Management AB and Familjen Jesper Jacobsson. Thanks for your support. For more information about our sponsors, please go to Sponsorer in menu on the left. In the beginning of the New Year there will be a sponsortraining again. Soon dates and times will be updated on Calendar.

New youtube clip are also availible. This time about how to carry your gi and belt the Japanese way. Look on Youtube on the Menu to see all links we have. More video clips will come!

Now our sensei Velibor has changed his website. Our club is also there with some pictures he selected. Please visit his website on www.vebodo.org.

See you in the dojo in the week! //Oss! Mona