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Busy weeks in our dojo with gradings for our younger members in Tiny Tigers, Karate Kids, Karate Tigers and Karate Juniors. All did good gradings and the instructors have made a good and strong work with them. Well done to all of you! Keep on the good work - a new grade is just another path in the way of Karate. New things to learn! //Oss! Mona...

Our teenagers had their own training on Saturday 29 May with Anna-Maria, Moa, William and Olivia. It was a great day together! They also got challenged by creating their own kata! Well done all of you!

It is this time of the year: BOOT CAMP Spring 2023! Good spirit and good kime. Lots of energy! Oss!

3-5 March it was the 27th Karate seminar with sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic here in Växjö! First time he came to our dojo was in 2007.
This seminar was closed and only for our dojo but in September it will be an open seminar agian. Save the date: 22-24 September.

Den 11/2 hade vi årsmöte och ett 20-tal medlemmar deltog. Det blev ett förnyat förtroende för hela styrselen - inklusive valberedningen. 2023 års styrelse: Ordförande Mona Pfaus, kassör Giselle Medina Björkman, sekreterare Jonathan Nagy, ersättare Fredrik Jr Peterson, revisor Pia Lindgren, valberedningen Markus Fredriksson och Helena Edström.

After three years of C-19 it was nice to be able to participate on a karate seminar abroad again! 13-15 January Michael Jr, Jonathan and Mona particpated on the seminar with sensei Vebo in Ås, Norway. It was three days of intensive training with focus on basics. On Saturday afternoon it was theory and in the evening dinner.

Välkomna till träning i mellandagarna. Se mailutskick för mer information. Deltagarlista för respektive pass mailas ut till berörda.

This week was also a grading week in our dojo. Karate Juniors and for our youth and adults as well. Good work everybody and keep on the good spirit for training. You have done one step further on your long path in the world of Karate-do. Oss! /Mona